Freight on air


Freight by air is the fastest and most reliable way of shipping nowadays.

Due to the vast agent network and contracts with the biggest airlines of the world, TRANSVOSTOK group will provide the shipping to places which are hard to reach for other kind of transport and in situations when time periods and handling security are of crucial importance.

The official representative office of the Company available in the restricted area of the freight terminal territory at Boryspil International Airport, enables us to control directly the process of handling imported/exported cargoes and to solve rapidly all arising questions, including any non-standard ones.

We offer:

  • Delivery of cargoes with any degree of complexity, including cargoes within loading gauge, dangerous, urgent, dual-purpose cargo and those requiring a special temperature conditions, etc.
  • Export of cargoes:

    • Delivery of your cargo to any airport in the world
    • Possibility to freight cargo, passenger and charter flights of domestic and international airlines
    • Delivery to Boryspil airport by means of road transport
    • Preparation and execution of accompanying documents
    • Possibility of freight handling, marking and repacking
    • TD-Pro
    • Monitoring of the cargo movement along the whole rout
    • Customs support
    • Services of storage logistic
    • Insurance against risks and property interests
  • Import of cargoes:

    • Air delivery of cargoes from any airport in the world to the largest airports of Ukraine: airports of Kyiv, Simferopol, Odessa, Dnipropetrovs'k, Donetsk
    • Widespread network of partner companies. The proven scheme of cargo delivery from any city of the USA, Italy, Germany
    • Customs registration in the country of dispatch
    • Terminal handling, marking of cargoes, warehousing service
    • Optimization of the traffic scheme and rout
    • Transit execution of the imported cargoes at Boryspil Airport/ customs clearance
    • Delivery from the airport by means of road transport
    • Insurance of cargoes
  • In-transit-customs registration of the imported cargoes at Boryspil with the following delivery to the regional customs office under customs control
  • Freight by air between the third countries. Transit execution
  • Consolidation of cargoes
  • Transportation by air transport as a part of multimodal transportation with the possibility of "door-to-door" delivery
  • Delivery of the completely cleared goods with registration for our legal entity
  • Possibility to freight cargo, passenger and charter flights of domestic and international airlines
  • Monitoring of the cargo movement along the whole rout
  • Services of a customs broker
  • Selection of the optimal variant for insurance of property interests, risks and liability to the third persons
  • Selection of a suitable form of payment, flexible discount system. Paying for air delivery by the third person is possible
  • Searching for variants of optimization of the transport chain, selection of individual logistic solutions at the client’s option
  • Guarantee of confidentiality.

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