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Customs service


Having its own staff of brokers who are well acquainted with details and alterations of customs regulations, the TRANSVOSTOK group will render assistance in minimization of risks related to customs procedures. Our specialists will help you to deal with the most complicated rules of international trade, avoid specific problems and extra expenses. Our task is to help you in optimizing the process of customs clearance, ensuring the opportunity of continuous trade flow.

Having long experience in solving customs issues with the consideration of the specific procedures and rules, our specialists perform in a quality manner and as quickly as possible the following tasks:

  • Preliminary consulting in customs regulations and practical issues of customs formalities and foreign economic activity
  • Assistance in entering into and analyzing the foreign economic activity contracts, commercial and forwarding documents
  • Execution of all accompanying and forwarding documents for any kind of transport
  • Definition of codes of the Commodity Classification for Foreign Economic Activity
  • Calculation and charging of customs payments
  • Analysis and minimization of customs value of goods
  • Full customs support of export and import operations
  • Customs formalities for all kinds of customs regimes at  Customs Clearance Departments
  • Accreditation (registration, accounting) of legal entities, individuals at the customs offices
  • Customs formalities in overnight delivery services (DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS, EMS and etc.).
  • Execution of endorsement-letters (detachment between customs offices)
  • Execution of permission documents by all the controlling agencies (non-tariff regulation):
    • execution of permissive marks on accompanying documents
    • execution of certificates of origin for goods
    • execution of conclusions by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry concerning value and code
    • execution of conclusions by the sanitary-epidemiological service
    • execution of letters and certificates of compliance by the State Standard Organization
    • execution of conclusion concerning energy efficiency
    • execution of conclusion of the gemological centre
    • execution of permit by the Ministry of Ecology
    • execution of permit by the Security Service
    • execution of letters, permits by the Supervision Committee
    • execution of other permits
  • Providing a flexible discount system for permanent customers


If necessary, our employee can go to the customer’s office, take and deliver all and any documents hereby saving your time.

Besides, specialists of the TRANSVOSTOK group will render you assistance in solving ANY COMPLICATED NON-STANDARD SITUATIONS related to customs clearance of cargoes.

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