Rail cargo transportation


Rail transportation occupies a considerable share of the cargo transportation market nowadays.

It is the most economical, reliable and the least accident-prone way of overland freight, not depending upon weather conditions. In spite of the long duration of the process, this way does not only benefit in cost, but also enables to carry practically unlimited amount of cargo using a great variety of the rolling stock: box- and open cars, platforms, insulated cars and refrigerators, single-purpose cars and any other specialized rolling stock depending on the cargo specifics.

By means of the railway equipment it is possible to ensure transportation of any types of cargoes: heavy-weight and outsize, bulk, fluid, dangerous, requiring the certain temperature conditions, and other cargoes, transportation of which is not possible by other means of transport.

The TRANSVOSTOK group offers a wide package of transportation and forwarding services for of the wide range of cargoes by the rail transport, including control over all stages of the process and notifying the customer. On the basis of the profound knowledge and analysis of the peculiarities of this type of cargo transportation, our specialists will render the services in planning optimal routings, developing individual cargo transportation schemes, and will give consultations as for specifics and tariffs. We provide the delivery of your cargo to the station of dispatch /arrival by motor-vehicles, any other variant of multimodal transportation. We will solve all the issues related to customs clearance and, if necessary, the issues of warehousing logistics. Our specialists will offer you the most suitable variant of cargo insurance.

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