Urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN32)

is a fluid fertilizer containing urea and ammonium nitrate; it meets all the necessary agricultural engineering requirements and is widely used for the plants nutrition. Due to the presence of several active ingredients in the UAN composition, plants receive prolonged nutrition effect during the whole growing season, it is provided by three forms of nitrogen (50% amide, 25% ammonium and 25% nitrate forms of nitrogen).

Usually UAN solutions can be sprayed on the foliage or it can be added to the irrigation water. Ammonium and nitrate forms of nitrogen are well absorbed by plants.

Nitrate nitrogen is absorbed primarily due to its mobility in soil.

Ammonium form of nitrogen is less mobile, but at the same time it retains longer in the soil, it is also available for a large variety of plants uptake, then it is rapidly transformed into nitrate form.

UAN 32 is an excellent source of plant nutrition during the whole period of vegetation.

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