Urea (Сarbamide) 46

is a result of synthesis of ammonia gas and carbon dioxide under the influence of high pressure and temperature. It refers to the nitrogen group and it is the most concentrated nitrogenous fertilizer, which can’t be easily washed out by groundwater. It has the colorless, odorless crystalline shape, and it can be easily melted in water.

Urea is widely used for fertilizing of all crops; it can be sprayed on the foliage or added to the irrigation water. As a result, it provides necessary N nutrition for fruit, vegetable and flower plants. Besides it can be used as an addition to the animal feed as a protein supplement.

Also urea is an important component used in other industries, for example in furniture manufacturing and the production of wood-fiber boards, in the plastics production, pharmaceutical and food industries (additive E927b).

TRANSVOSTOK GROUP is one of  suppliers of granular and prilled Urea, origin FSU and Arab Gulf.

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